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Other Services

At GAARR Digital™ we offer more than just phone cases. Our bespoke printing service also caters to almost anything flat. We use a high-quality, advanced printer that allows us to print on a range of hard surfaces professionally.

Popular choices include…

We do a lot of personalised printing for businesses including signage for buildings, meeting rooms and personal offices. We also print on a variety of other products such as USB sticks which prove popular at business expos. These are great for handing out to customers and potential customers for spreading brand awareness and company information.

As well as business related printing we also do a lot of personalised items. These include canvas prints of family photos, decorative mirrors and many others.

If you have something in mind yourself that you want to print on please get in touch. We are happy to print on items you own yourself providing you can send them into us. We can, however, to make things easier source the items ourselves and have them sent straight out to you once printed on.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a personal printed item, or a large business branding project, we are happy to help.

For more information on what services we have to offer please Contact us.